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Carpeting in an office or commercial space reflects the image of a business and presents a positive professional environment to your customer and employees. Carpeting takes away major space of your floor and plays a big role in design of your office and how it looks. It’s a first thing customer encounters when he walks into your office and could be the main factor of a positive thought formed by a customer about you and your business. That is exactly why carpets in commercial areas should always look good and stay clean. BEST CLEANING SERVICES will do its best to keep your working space clean and in a good shape

We use highly specialised chemicals which remove dirt, dust mites and stains as well as odorizing of carpets and furniture, leaving them smelling clean and fresh. A water injection / extraction method is used. Our method of carpet cleaning is a deep clean extracting the majority of the dirt & water at the same time leaving your carpets & furniture dryer a lot quicker.

The general life span on carpets is 8 to 10 years depending on the way they are looked after and the Carpet in a business should be cleaned regularly to keep up with high traffic. From day to day people walk into your office from the street bringing in dust, dirt and plenty of other bacteria on their shoes. All of it rubs over your carpet and stores in it. With time carpet becomes dirty and as we should say unsafe for you and your working environment. BEST CLEANING SERVICES offers you cleaning services that will relieve you out this trouble in a matter of hours. Our cleaning technicians will take good care of your carpet and will make your working area look clean and fresh. amount of traffic flow they receive. Regular vacuuming of carpets is highly recommended.

We recommend that carpets are cleaned once to twice a year. We use a water injection/extraction method when cleaning carpets, furniture and rugs. Material chairs, mattresses and office furniture can also be cleaned using this method.

The following can be cleaned by using the above method:

  1. •    Lounge Suites

  2. •    Carpets (Domestic & Commercial)

  3. •    Rugs

  4. •    Office Furniture

Specialising in the cleaning of:

  1.     Wall to wall carpeting

  2.     Oriental and Persian Rugs

    Also specializing in:

Upholstery cleaning & revitalizing older or stained pieces of furniture that are showing signs of age. For leather furniture, we offer a hand cleaning and conditioning treatment. We are specialists at removing stubborn pet stains and odors.

BEST CLEANING SERVICES can assure you, that our unique way of commercial carpet cleaning will improve the look of your company ensuring customers are drawn to your space.

We will give you a complimentary price quote for cleaning services that will fit your needs and your budget.

BEST CLEANING SERVICES we understand how hard and time consuming it can be to clean your tile our grout around your house.

Microscopic pores allow dirt, oils and other contaminates to become trapped below the surface, where it is almost impossible to be removed with regular mopping.  The soiling continues to build up inside those pores, leaving grout looking dark, dirty and discoloured.

Even heavy hand scrubbing and harsh cleaners can be ineffective. (not to mention time consuming, labour intensive and downright painful to your back and knees)

With this type of cleaning you also have to think about what chemicals should you use, and what tools are needed for the job to avoid any possible damage to the tile or grout. BEST CLEANING SERVICES will relieve you out of unneeded stress and time consumption.


  1. •Ceramic

  2. •Concrete

  3. •Indoor / Outdoor Floor Cleaning

  4. •Tiled public restroom and toilet areas

  5. •Tile around the house

  6. •Shower tile

Tile and grout cleaning services that are offered by BEST CLEANING SERVICES will bring back the beauty and the freshness to your home. Our cleaning staff consists of highly trained professionals that have an extensive experience in this area of cleaning services. By choosing BEST CLEANING SERVICES you don’t have to worry about the scratches on your tile or any other possible damage. We assure you that our highly trained staff will take best care of your business or house with no possibility for future headaches from your side. We are always here to handle all your indoor and outdoor cleaning needs.

Materials that are used by our company are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Which helps us not only to deliver high quality service to our customers, it helps to cancel any thoughts about damage to the environment.

At BEST CLEANING SERVICES we guarantee complete satisfaction from customer’s side every time.

let BestClean restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tiles and grout quickly and economically.  With our powerful, truck mounted cleaning process your floors will sparkle once again.  You will be amazed at the beautiful results you will receive


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