BEST CLEANING SERVICES work to get more sunshine through your windows and into your days.

Leaving customers satisfied is just the start. For those of you who work the nightshift, a little extra starlight and moonbeams helps brighten moods as well.

Our team of professionals is experienced in working safely on windows that are located at ground-level; or all the way up to the penthouse. Our record (and the windows we clean) is spotless. Because all our employees are trained, and work in crews, a professional process is followed on every job. Safety procedures are a top concern, especially when cleaning office windows several stories high.

Window cleaning is executed with water, detergents and sometimes solvents to eliminate paint or hardened debris. We always use professional equipment, including swivel squeegees, water-fed poles and systems, magnetic blades, sponges, brushes, scrub pads, dusters chamois and rubber hungers.

While BEST CLEANING SERVICES specializes in office & commercial window washing, our team is equipped to clean residential windows as well. Homeowners benefit from additional services such as paint- and scratch-removal, as well as power washing, gutter cleaning (leaf and gunk removal) and long-term rain flow protection. We use job-scheduling software to manage the busy season, and work hard to meet our clients' needs.

Finally, we guarantee our work on all projects.

  1.     Service: Our clients and customers always expect excellent service. And we make sure             that our clients are always satisfied with our work.

  2. •    Hard Work: Our staff and employees put allot of effort in their work. All of them are highly trained and instructed.

  3. •    Experience: We have trained and well instructed staff that is committed to deliver and excellent service.

  4. •    Flexibility: Your opinion and your suggestions do mater. We always listen closely to the needs and requests of our clients.

  5. •    No Hidden Costs: Estimate that you will be given before the services will remain the same estimate at the end. In our company, there is no such a thing as changing the price as we go.

  6. •    Competitive Prices: We have the most competitive prices.

  7. •    Reliability: By trusting us with you home you don’t have to worry about any unexpected problems. We can assure you that our trained professionals will take best care of your home with no frustrations from your side.

Skylight Cleaning

For washing skylights we employ a variety of methods to access your skylights whether it be by ladder or pole we make sure your skylights are clear and clean.

Commercial Window Cleaning

We mean business when it comes to your workplace window cleaning needs. We understand the business aspect of having clean windows whether it is for your storefront, office, or commercial property. We will get the job done right at the right price.

New Construction Window Cleaning

New construction window cleaning usually involves sticker, paint, window manufacturing residue, and installation residue removal. We send our most highly skilled and knowledgeable window cleaners to perform this service.

We will give you a complimentary price quote for cleaning services that will fit your needs and your budget.

Is your chandelier like it used to be? ... let BEST CLEANING SERVICES do the job for you.

Chandeliers can brilliantly showcase your home, bedazzle the eye, and add sparkle and style - unless they're cloudy. If your chandelier isn't clean - we can help. At BEST CLEANING SERVICES we offer professional chandelier cleaning services that will not be a hit to your check book and will allow you to enjoy your chandelier again. To keep your chandelier sparkling and brilliant we recommend a thorough cleaning at least once a year! It can be time consuming and intimidating, but the shining result will be worth the time and effort. If you do not have the time or patience, let BEST CLEANING SERVICES do
the job for you.

With BEST CLEANING SERVICES unique chandelier cleaning process, your chandeliers will shine as brilliantly as the finest diamonds. We remove all crystal pieces, hand wash, dry, and hand polish them. We do not use any harmful chemicals which may be bad for your health or bad for your chandelier. Our chandelier cleaning crew cleans the complete chandelier including the brass, chain & bulbs. Chandeliers with removable pieces are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled making them look like new.

We can clean your Chandelier on site without disturbing you. We make every effort to visit you to discuss your requirements before offering a quote. We clean any style or size of your chandelier regardless of the height. Our crews are equipped with ladders to reach. We clean the complete chandelier including the brass, chain and bulbs. Chandeliers with removable pieces are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled making them look like new.


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